Africana Film Series-Ava and Gabriel (Curacao)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
7:00 pm

Student Center 201

Ava and Gabriel (Curacao)

Admission is FREE, Complimentary refreshments

100 minutes

Our final Afro-Caribbean film is from Curacao and looks at prejudice and identity.

The parish priest of St. Anna’s on Curaçao (ruled by Holland) requests a painter to create a mural of the Virgin Mary. The church in Holland sends the parish an Afro-Caribbean named Gabriel Goedbloed from Surinam (also ruled by Holland) but who has been Dutch-educated and who chooses a “mixed race” teacher on the island (Ava) as his model for the Virgin. The model is engaged to the white police major who does not like the idea of his fiancé posing for another man. The Dutch Governor’s wife becomes interested in the painter. For the conservative people on Curaçao, none of this should be happening.