Experiential Education

International Rotations

The College provides students with opportunities to study overseas to earn a portion of their required Elective APPE rotation credits.

International rotations offer students the experience of working alongside practicing professionals while serving communities abroad. In doing so, they not only expand their knowledge and skills but also gain a global perspective on health care.

In conjunction with the clinical or research aspects of the experience, students are given opportunities to broaden their understanding of a given region by learning about traditional approaches to medicine and exploring historical and cultural sites.

The programs listed below will be offered to students between May 2017 - May 2018. 



Location: Aviano Air Base; Aviano, Italy
Credits: Six (6) week Elective APPE Rotation
Preceptor: Captain Kellie Zentz (Aviano Air Base)
Accommodations: Participant is responsible for securing accommodations - preceptor is available to assist
Eligibility: P3 students with a cumulative professional GPA of 2.5 or above may apply to participate during their P4 year
Availability: There will be 16 spots available for students between May 2017 - May 2018.

Rotation Activities

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Function Audits, Reviews, and Process Improvements

  • Overhaul inpatient pharmacy formulary and ensure that all necessary medications are on hand
  • Research medication usage and suggest changes to authorized drug lists for Flight Medicine, MSU, Anesthesia, and Same Day Surgery
  • Research nonformulary medication utilization and draft DD Form 2081 New Drug Addition forms
  • Review DOD Pharmacoeconomic Center Basic Core Formulary and coordinate with pharmacy logistics to ensure that required medications are appropriately stocked in the pharmacy

Outpatient pharmacy

  • Fill outpatient prescriptions using the PHARMASSIST system
  • Counsel patients on outpatient medications
  • Research oral contraceptive brand names and update CHCS drug files in order to make provider medication searches faster and more accurate
  • Communicate with other healthcare providers for order clarifications and PRP clearances

Inpatient pharmacy

  • Dispense discharge medications and ensure proper medication reconciliation
  • Verify inpatient orders (with pharmacist oversight)
  • Compound  sterile admixtures for infants and adults (Epi, gentamycin, ampicillin)

Pharmacy Administration

  • Maintain drug files by updating medication nomenclature
  • Research and submit Patient Safety Reports
  • Conduct Pyxis audits to manage expired & controlled medications, ensure that orders are being verified by the appropriate personel, and identify/remove medications that are not on authorized drug lists
  • Update dental CHCS provider files to ensure designation of proper prescribing rights
  • Reformat the pharmacy transfer form to eliminate patient/pharmacy confusion
  • Research causality of erroneous CHCS clinical screenings and update medication files to prevent future false alerts 


  • Complete training requirements for in & out processing activities and obtain a Network Access Card
  • Participate in Team STEPPS training
  • Attend Pro-staff and Medical Group Commander’s call
  • Complete/present 5 patient cases & 5 new drug presentations
  • Participate in/observe a mass prophylaxis point of dispensing exercise



Location: Basel, Switzerland 
Affiliate: University of Basel
Credits: 12 weeks - 2 Elective APPE Rotations
Preceptor: Dr. Jüergen Muser and colleagues (University of Basel)
Accommodations: Universitätsspital Basel Hostel
Eligibility: B.S. students or P3 students with a GPA of 2.5 or above may apply to participate during their fourth year (for B.S. students) or P4 year (for Pharm.D. students)
Availability: There will be 2 spots available for students between May 2017 - May 2018 (Note: Each spot will span two modules, i.e., 12 weeks).

Rotation Activities

You will devote roughly 75% of your time to your research project during which time you will:

  • Train in the “pharmaceutical capital of the world,” Basel, Switzerland
  • Conduct research at either the University Hospital or Bruderholz Hospital
  • Present and potentially publishing your findings

You will expand your knowledge of pharmacy by devoting roughly 25% of your time to pharmacy related outings to:

  • Tour the Pharmacy History Museum
  • Visit the Medical Heroin Clinic (JANUS)
  • Engage in independent community, hospital, and homeopathic/plant-based pharmacy practice
  • Spend time at some of Basel’s allopathic, homeopathic and plant based pharmaceutical research & development companies

Throughout the 12 weeks, substantial time to explore Europe will be built into the schedule.

Clinical and Ambulatory care APPE | Tokyo


Location: Tokyo, Japan 
Affiliate: Showa University
Credits: Six (6) week Elective APPE Rotation
Preceptor: Hiroyuki Itabe

Accommodations: Housing provided
Eligibility: P3 students with a cumulative professional GPA of 2.5 or above may apply to participate during their P4 year.
Availability: There will be 2 spots available during Module A of the upcoming Academic Year.