Vermont Campus

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free, one-to-one service available to all members of the ACPHS community. It is staffed by peer and professional tutors who are trained to assist writers at all levels of ability with any type of written or oral communication task at any stage of the writing or oral communication process.

Ms. Christine Brooks will be providing Writing Center support to students by appointment on Monday evenings and Thursdays from 10:30-12:30 in Library study room D. Ms. Brooks is also available on a drop-in basis, so please be sure to plan ahead. 

The Center's goal is to help writers and speakers become more confident, competent, and independent. Tutors work with students to create better writers and speakers, not just better papers and presentations.

All writers and speakers need trained, supportive and responsive readers and listeners. The Writing Center strives to provide an atmosphere in which writers and speakers can feel comfortable seeking support and feedback.

The Writing Center provides the following services:

  • One-to-one tutoring for students at any stage of a writing or oral communication project
  • Experienced faculty tutors to assist English as an Additional Language students
  • An ongoing workshop series that provides support for students with writing and communication tasks for their classes in a small group atmosphere
  • Weekend tutoring by appointment

Writing Center services are available for Vermont students via GoToMeeting, an interactive software program that allows you to speak directly to the tutor while he or she views your draft.

Vermont Campus students may click here to schedule an appointment with a Writing Center Tutor.  Once your request is received, a tutor will contact you to set up a GoToMeeting session. 

Please note that the Writing Center is closed whenever the Albany Campus is closed.


Do I need an appointment to come to the Writing Center? 
The Writing Center is open on a drop-in basis between 11-4 M-Th and between 11-2 on Friday. You can just stop in during any of those times without an appointment. If the tutors are busy, however, you may have a short wait until one of the tutors can work with you. We do have hours by appointment between 12-4 on Saturday.

How can I prepare for my Writing Center session?
The Writing Center staff can best assist you if you come to the session with an assignment description, any additional information about the assignment your instructor has provided (such as rubrics, sample essays, etc.) and a sense of what you would like to accomplish in your session.

How long does a Writing Center session last?
Writing Center sessions typically last between 20-30 minutes depending on the writer's needs. If you need more than an hour to accomplish all the your goals for your writing task, you will need to work more than one session.

What kind of writing can I bring to the Writing Center?
We work with any type of writing for any class: essays for Academic Reading and Writing, Principles of Communication (POC), Humanities I, II and III, papers for electives and Health Care and Human Valuses as well as chemistry and organic chemistry abstracts, lab reports and papers, personal statements, resumes, and cover letters. We can also help with oral presentations for POC, Humanities, and Seminar.

What can I expect during a Writing Center session?
During a Writing Center session, tutors will help you identify areas of your draft or presentation that need to be strengthened and will assist you in developing strategies to address those needs. We work to engage the whole writer and his/her writing process; we will always begin a session by addressing "global"concerns (content, reasoning, structure) and will then work on "local" issues such as sentence structure and grammar. Please bring any questions you have about your work to your Writing Center session; also, please try allow enough time to work on multiple aspects of your paper or multiple drafts. It is difficult to accomplish much in a session the same day that your paper is due.

English is my second language; can the Writing Center help me?
The Writing Center is open to all writers and welcomes writers for whom English is a second language. ESL writers can work either with any of the Writing Center peer tutors or two faculty tutors who are especially experienced in working with students for whom English is a second language.

Can the Writing Center help with oral presentations?
Yes, absolutely. We have a projector and a screen in the Writing Center, so you can practice your presentation in a comfortable, supportive environment with either the peer or faculty tutors.

Can I bring my work to the Writing Center at any stage of the writing process? 
Yes. We can help brainstorm ideas, focus an early draft, revise a draft a teacher has commented on or help with polishing and editing a final draft. Always bring your questions and concerns to your tutor as well as all the information about an assignment you have available.

I am interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor; what do I need to do? 
If you are interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor, please contact Dr. Laura Rogers, Writing Center Director. Writing Center tutors are required to have earned at least a "B+" in Principles of Communication and need a recommendation from a faculty member who is familiar with their writing. Writing Center peer tutors need to have both excellent writing and interpersonal skills.