Vermont Campus

Health & Safety

As an institution with a strong commitment to health care and the education of health care professionals, the College places a priority on the well being of our students.

ACPHS offers a variety of health and safety services to help ensure the physical and mental health of each student.

Below are brief descriptions of the services available to students on the Vermont Campus. Additional details are available by clicking the links on the right side of this page.

Health and Insurance Services
Through its partnership with the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC), the College provides medical/physician services to ACPHS-Vermont students as part of the mandatory Health Center Fee. To further ensure student health, ACPHS requires all full-time students to have health coverage, and for those who are not covered by a family health insurance plan or private insurer, there is a quality plan offered by the College.

Counseling Services
Free and confidential counseling services are available for all eligible ACPHS-Vermont students and are provided by the UVMMC Employee Assistance Program. Services include initial assessment, counseling and referral. 

Campus Safety
Public Safety services for the ACPHS-Vermont Campus are coordinated by the University Heights Association’s Office of Public Safety (in Albany) and provided on site by the Hunter North Associates.