Pharmacy Practice

Associate Professor
Focus: Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

Contact Information
(802) 735-2619

Speaker Request
Brian J. Cowles, PHARM.D.


  • Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Residency, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Cooper University Hospital
  • Pharm.D., Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia


  • Pediatric Pharmacy Practice
  • Integrated Problem Solving Workshops VI 
  • Jurisprudence - Vermont
  • Pharmacotherapy/Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry – Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders module
  • Pharmacotherapy/Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry - Respiratory Diseases
  • Neonatal Critical Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience


  • The achievement of the highest quality drug therapy for infant and child patients in both the acute and ambulatory settings through the provision of patient-centered care, collaboration with other members of the patient’s interdisciplinary healthcare team, and education. Particular areas of interest include pediatric and neonatal critical care and behavioral medicine.


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