January 21, 2016
As we prepare for the February opening of College Hometown Pharmacy – the student operated pharmacy located in Hometown Health Clinic in Schenectady – we must finalize a number of operational details. We are in the process of installing technology and security equipment, acquiring inventory, and obtaining the various licenses needed to operate as a 340B pharmacy
December 14, 2015
For years, the cost of higher education has grown faster than inflation. Too many students today are exiting college with considerable debt and limited job opportunities. These disturbing trends have spurred a national debate on the value of a college education
November 3, 2015
The past two decades have seen the rise of a new kind of business venture called “social entrepreneurship.” Social entrepreneurs build businesses that seek to generate social capital as opposed to financial capital. The primary goal of social entrepreneurship is to create a social benefit, but unlike philanthropic or welfare organizations, these ventures are businesses that generate revenues to ensure sustainability and services
September 23, 2015
The Department of Education recently launched a website to provide prospective students and their parents with additional data on the performance of colleges and universities (click here to view the ACPHS report). The website resulted from an Obama administration initiative to rank college performance so that the general population can more easily compare the quality of different schools
August 11, 2015
Earlier this summer we held a pair of pre-Orientation events for incoming first year students and their families. Following a brief welcome, the students and parents were separated into two groups. My job was to talk with the parents about the ACPHS experience and the journey the students would soon begin
June 4, 2015
I always look forward to each year’s commencement exercises. They are profound ceremonies that connect the past, present, and future. The ACPHS students who received their diplomas on May 16 and 17 joined previous generations of graduates in an unbroken line that goes back to our founding in 1881
April 24, 2015
Earlier this year I was invited to meet with a group of first year students and share my views on leadership. The literature that exists on this subject is enormous, and I admit to having read only a small fraction of it. One area of debate is whether people are born leaders or develop into leaders
March 19, 2015
There have been a number of recent policy initiatives at the state and federal levels aimed at accelerating the nation’s shift to a patient-centric health care system. While public policy will undoubtedly help spur this transition, the role of behavior should not be underestimated
February 9, 2015
Two news items caught my eye recently that I see as harbingers of the future. On January 30, President Obama said that he will ask Congress to support a $215 million “precision medicine” initiative. The President defined precision medicine as “delivering the right treatment, at the right time, every time, to the right person
January 7, 2015
One thing I have learned during my short time as president is that I will not suffer from a lack of advice. And that is a good thing. All feedback is important, but the comments I receive from alumni are particularly instructive for two reasons: (1) Alumni are well versed in the school, its history, and traditions and (2) Alumni are working, or have worked, in a wide range of roles within pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry