April 8, 2019
American Higher Education's most recent black eye resulted from the revelation that entrance into our elite universities and colleges could be purchased. This story is particularly disturbing because it goes to the heart of our vision for higher education
January 15, 2019
My wife recently came across this article about Utica Greens from The New York Times Cooking section. It brought back memories of one of my first alumni visits as president of the College when I traveled to Utica, NY, a bastion of community pharmacy
November 29, 2018
When Head Coach Christine Kanawada marked her 100th career victory in the 2018 season, it was just the latest milestone for the woman who has overseen a period of unparalleled success for the women's soccer program at ACPHS. Kanawada has a
October 17, 2018
On June 26, 2000, President Bill Clinton stepped to a podium in the East Room of the White House to deliver remarks celebrating the completion of the first draft of the human genome. At that press conference, he said: "Nearly two centuries ago, in this room, on this floor, Thomas Jefferson and a trusted aide spread out a magnificent map - a map Jefferson had long prayed he would get to see in his lifetime
August 8, 2018
This fall we will be opening the Collaboratory, a 3,000 sq. ft. open project space located in the Lincoln Square building in Albany's South End.  Collaboratory is a made-up word. It means a laboratory for collaboration. We seek to create a space where ACPHS can come together with community-based organizations and work creatively on issues of health care in our community
July 12, 2018
On May 12, the 300 members of the ACPHS Class of 2018 experienced one of life's transitions by crossing the stage to receive their diplomas. At this point, they have ceased to be students and have progressed onto their new career opportunities. The commencement ceremony was the culmination of 4-6 years of hard work and academic achievement
April 4, 2018
Over the course of this semester, we have engaged in a series of discussions about our next strategic plan. These discussions have often focused on how we can become more student-centered as a College. During the process, we have established that "student-centeredness" must be one of our core values
March 5, 2018
Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event sponsored by the Wadsworth Center, New York State's Public Health Laboratory, for Joachim Frank. Dr. Frank won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017 for work that was largely done at Wadsworth. I sat in awe at his presentation that described a lifetime of brilliant work
February 1, 2018
In early January of this year, a group of senior leaders met to begin the process of creating a new strategic plan that will chart the future direction of the College. Our last strategic planning exercise occurred in 2012 with the intent that the result would be a five year plan
November 27, 2017
“It is time to liberate our communities from the scourge of drug addiction.”   Those were the words spoken by President Trump on October 25 when he formally declared the nation’s opioid crisis a public health emergency. One week after that announcement the White House Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, a group headed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, issued a draft report with 56 recommendations for helping address the opioid epidemic