Beyond Practice Ready

This mini-campaign has been designed to ensure that ACPHS students will have the versatility, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to meet the emerging workplace needs of a dynamic healthcare system.

The $6 million campaign will support the following four objectives:

student run pharmacy
ACPHS will open two student operated neighborhood pharmacies in medically underserved areas of the Capital Region – one in Albany and one in Schenectady. In addition to honing their patient care skills in these settings, students will learn the essential business skills needed to successfully manage a community pharmacy.

The experience has been designed to prepare students to “think like entrepreneurs,” proactively seeking out opportunities to grow each pharmacy and perhaps even developing innovative new health care models along the way.

Pharmacy students will participate in the student operated pharmacies as part of their introductory or advanced pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE's and APPE's). ACPHS students in the bachelor’s and master's programs will also have opportunities to be involved in the pharmacies through related health and wellness services.
Classroom technology
To go “beyond practice ready,” we must advance our pedagogy to include the latest active learning techniques. Melding technology with small class sizes is now recognized as a key to developing students' critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and clinical practice skills.

Active learning classrooms are technology enhanced environments that are designed for small group interactions. By fostering peer-to-peer communication and teamwork, these classrooms help students become actively engaged in their own learning.
tray of tubes
The basic life sciences are developing at an unprecedented pace. Technology is impacting every aspect of healthcare. Meanwhile the business model is shifting from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. These changes mean that more than ever professional education must strive to be current.

ACPHS seeks to address this issue in two ways. First, as a service to our alumni, we will offer FREE continuing professional development (CPD) credits. CPD at ACPHS provides exceptional training for practicing pharmacists as well as other healthcare professionals and scientists. Our quality programs are taught by leaders in their fields, based on innovative research and current with new discoveries that correlate directly with patient care.

Secondly, we will develop hybrid and online certificate programs and short courses in areas that meet emerging workforce needs. These certificate programs will address the need for new skill sets arising during this dynamic period of change in the healthcare system. Certificate programs will be open to individuals in the workforce as well as our own students, thereby expanding and diversifying the student body beyond our base of traditional students.
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Pharmacy Skills Lab
A similar active learning philosophy applies to our Pharmacy Practice Skills Laboratory where students “learn by doing” through hands on experiences. This laboratory will be expanded to include counseling rooms for students to hone their patient communication skills. Additionally, we will be expanding our sterile compounding facility to provide practical experiences in specialty pharmacy.


Pamela A. Abbamont ’86
Stephanie Adkins ’09
Cheryl Aiken ’02
Thomas Algozzine '87
Albany Housing Authority
Sidney C. Anderson ’87
Alfred A. Austin ’97
Patricia Baron '87
Sam F. Berardino ’80
Matthew J. Bette
Robert '83 and Bonnie Blum '83
Walter and Michelle Borisenok
Marion E. Bradley ’84
Michael and Pamela Carno
Fred A. Carroll ’82
Herbert G. Chorbajian
Estate of Harry E. Clark ’49
Robert ’76 and Glynis ’75 Clark
Philip W. Cornell ’69
Daniel Corwin ’14
Richard D. Cummings ’80
Richard H. Daffner ’63
Thomas and Connie D’Ambra
James Dering
Paul DerOhannesian
Carla A. Desrosiers ’85
T. Gregory and Cindy Dewey
Christopher J. DiLascia ’83
Vicki A. DiLorenzo
Victoria R. Dingman ’94
Donors of the Class of 1965 Wall of Recognition
John C. Egan, Sr.
Sam Enbawe ’09
Envision Architects PC
David Every ’81 Lisa Fiori
Arthur L. Forman ’85
Sharon Fox
Mary E. Giamartino ’78
Justine M. Gilbert ’91
Anthony J. Graziano ’84
Frank ’74 and Marylee ’74 Grosso
HeCap Grant
Carmen Hu '15
William C. Irwin ’81
William Jabour
Hugh A. Johnson, Jr.
Michael ’84 and Teresa ’84 Kane
Kinney Drugs Foundation, Inc.
Christopher J. Klein ’85 and Jennifer Caloia ’86
David A. Kvancz '79
Mark P. Laurin ’80
Victor Lee ’88


Thomas O. Maggs
Leo E. Maggy ’58
Ralph '59 and Mary Lou Mancini '60
Melvyn Middeldorf Masters ’55
Richard K. McCann ’76
Kimberly C. Meyer ’92
Kenneth W. Miller
Edward P. Molloy ’62
Marion T. Morton '84
Frank Motter
MVP Health Care
Ellen Morrissey Nesbitt
John Nigro
John S. North ’67
James Notaro ’84
Patricia A. Pafundi ’72
Robert ’86 and Becky Petronio '86
Wallace ’69 and Hannah Pickworth
Pioneer PharmacyRx Software
James H. Purcell '84
Renaissance Corporation of Albany, Inc.
Rite Aid Corporation
Robison Family Foundation
Rochester Drug Cooperative, Inc.
Rose and Kiernan, Inc.
John P. Ryan ’88
Estate of Regina G. Snyder ’47
Patrick J. Steed ’67
William R. Steed ’57
Scott M. Terrillion ’85
The Wright Family Foundation
Estate of Gino and Whilma Turchi
Linda Kay Toomajian
Touhey Family Foundation
Tuan Anh Vo ’15
Donna E. Warren ’77
Jodi L. Weiksnar ’95
Maribeth E. White ’90
Edward ’61 and Karen ’63 Wortley
Emily M. Yeo ’15