Smart Ways to Give This Fall

The end-of-semester rush — and how you can support our students
How IRA, stock, and DAF gifts can save on your taxes before end of year

Somehow, the end of another semester is rapidly approaching here at ACPHS. If you walked our campus, you may remember the feeling — the late nights of studying, the promise of winter break around the corner. It’s always an exciting time of year here in Albany, and it’s moments like these that bring out the hard work and passion of our students as they chart their path as health care professionals.

Amidst the rush of final papers and tests, our students are met with a wide variety of support from peers and professors. But alumni and supporters can also play a critical role of support as the end of 2021 approaches.

Many ACPHS alumni and supporters are turning to non-cash gifts to maximize their savings while supporting our students. If you are considering making an end-of-year gift to ACPHS, consider one of these tax-savvy options to support our students, and their journeys in becoming the future leaders of public health. 

  • Give from your IRA: If you’re 70.5 or older, you can reduce your future tax burden and fulfill your required minimum distribution (RMD) with a gift through your IRA. 
  • Donate stocks: Alumni and supporters who donate stock make an impact by supporting future healthcare leaders — and can take pride knowing they’ve saved on two types of taxes in the process.
  • Give through your DAF: If you have a donor-advised fund, you can easily and securely direct a gift to the College through our new tool. Go to

The links above make it simple to learn more about the benefits of these forms of giving, and guide you through the necessary steps so you can complete your gift quickly and easily. 

These gifts must be made before December 15th for you to receive the full tax benefits. Consider making these powerful gifts in this critical moment to share your passion for pharmacy and health sciences with current and future generations of students here at ACPHS.