Stay Connected

The Office of Institutional Advancement strives to provide the College’s alumni with a variety of resources to support their professional development and help them network with students, faculty, graduates, and friends of the College.

Continuing Education

Visit the Continuing Education web page to view a calendar of upcoming CE events being hosted by the College. Please note that our CE events are open to all professionals, not just ACPHS alumni.

Get an ACPHS E-mail Address

When you leave the College, your ACPHS student e-mail account goes with you. But now there is another option to maintain that link to the College and stay in touch with your classmates. All graduates are eligible to get an ACPHS alumni e-mail account through Google ( that will literally last a lifetime. Best of all, there are no costs associated with this service. To get your ACPHS alumni e-mail address, please send an e-mail to Please bookmark this link to access your e-mail account.

Update Your Contact Information

If you have recently moved, earned a new degree, taken a new job, received a promotion, had an addition to the family, established a new email address, have a new phone number, etc., click here to make all of your updates, and we will make sure your contact information at the College is current!

Alumni Hotel Discounts

ACPHS is excited to announce a new partnership with HotelStorm to bring exclusive hotel discounts to our alumni. HotelStorm negotiates hotel discounts only available to ACPHS alumni, with discounts up to 55%. E-mail for access details.

Social Media
Social Media Sites
The College has created a number of social media and online resources for you to stay connected to your fellow alumni and campus.
Albany Library
Alumni Benefits
Discover the benefits available to our alumni.