Graduate Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Graduate Admissions process:

Can the GRE be waived?

Official GRE scores are required of all applicants. In rare cases, the exam may be waived for an applicant who demonstrates outstanding academic capability and all other criteria exceed the minimum. The student must submit an official request to the Office of Graduate Admissions for waiver consideration and provide justification for the request.

Is Financial Aid available?

Aid is available at the graduate level (international students are eligible). Applicants are considered at the time of application and admission review. New students are eligible for partial tuition scholarships; the awards are given based on academic merit, not financial need. The amounts vary from year to year. Students granted tuition scholarships will keep them for the duration of their program as long as they remain in good standing. Once students enroll, they may also be eligible for Teaching Assistantships (all programs) or Research Awards (M.S. in Health Outcomes Research, Molecular Biosciences, or Pharmaceutical Sciences only). These awards are all made through the Office of Graduate Studies. Students are also encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office to find out what other opportunities may exist at the College or search the web for external aid opportunities.

Can the TOEFL be waived?

Waivers may be considered on a case by case basis if there is sufficient evidence to support English language proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing. An interview to assess proficiency may also be required. The student must submit an official request to the Office of Graduate Admissions for waiver consideration and provide justification for the request.

Does ACPHS accept the IELTS in place of the TOEFL?

We prefer the TOEFL, but we will accept official IELTS scores. Applicants should score at least a 7.0 on the IELTS for full admission consideration.

I had a poor freshman year and my overall GPA is below a 3.0. May I still apply and be considered for admission?

You may still apply and be considered but be aware that the admissions committee will look carefully at the transcript for an upward trajectory in your academic career as well as strong grades in upper level math, science and lab courses. All other criteria should exceed the minimum standards.

I had a personal/health/family situation that occurred during my undergraduate studies and impacted my grades. Should I let the admissions committee know?

Yes, if you feel comfortable doing so. We recognize that life events beyond your control can happen, and it may be helpful to address particular situations that had a direct impact on any part of your academic performance. This information allows the admissions committee to view the application in the proper context. The appropriate place to address such information is in the personal essay.

My relative is a doctor. May I use her/him as a reference?

It is not recommended to use family members as references, even if they are in the health care field. Faculty and relevant professional employers are the strongly preferred choices as they can provide more objective statements regarding your preparation and likelihood of success in a graduate program.

Is it possible to apply for spring admission?

Applications are for Fall only.

I will be pursuing my studies on an F-1 visa. If I am admitted, how soon will I receive my I-20?

If you are admitted, the I-20 will be sent after we receive your confirmation of enrollment, enrollment deposit and official documentation showing proof of funds for the cost of graduate study. You may then make your visa appointment with the consulate or embassy.

Can I transfer credits from another school?

Up to nine (9) credit hours of graduate coursework may be transferred to ACPHS from other accredited academic institutions, subject to the approval of the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

To be considered for transfer credit, courses must have been taken within the past seven (7) years and only grades of B or higher will be considered for transfer credit. Courses graded on a pass/fail basis will not be eligible for transfer credit.

Students will need to submit an official transcript showing the course number and title, the number of credit hours, when it was taken and the grade received. Students may also need to submit a course description and/or syllabus.