Blended Curriculum Delivery (in person & remote)

To balance preserving our quality educational experience with health and safety, ACPHS is providing students a blended curriculum for the fall semester that includes the in-person classroom experience, remote face-to-face over Zoom, and online curriculum. However, if students prefer, they can take all of their fall classes remotely. Students who request to take all of their classes remotely this fall, will be contacted by the Counseling Center. If a student’s program has experiential or licensure requirements that must be completed in person, and they are unable to complete those in the fall, students may have to complete these requirements later. Any student who is quarantined will be able to continue their coursework through this flexible curriculum format.

Moving to Remote Instruction After Thanksgiving

To do all we can to protect our ACPHS community during this pandemic, we will move to remote instruction after Thanksgiving. This will limit any potential spread of COVID-19 since many people choose to travel during this break. The academic calendar for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 has not changed. Fall 2020 begins on August 31 and ends on December 18th.  Spring 2021 begins on January 11th and ends on May 5th.


We have been closely monitoring the federal guidance that relates to our international students and are very pleased that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has rescinded its directive that would have barred international students from staying in the U.S. if their colleges offered classes entirely online in the fall semester. We will continue to review all guidance and work closely with our international students to ensure they maintain their F-1 visa status.


Students may choose to be off-campus for didactic and attend labs and experiential in-person.  To accomplish this, they should select “Blended” curriculum delivery not 100% remote. 


Assessments will be blended and will span from in-person assessments, online exams, take-home/open-book exams, papers, assignments, projects and other formats.  Proctoring software will not be available. For students in various International Time Zones, we will create guidelines regarding holding assessments during ‘local waking hours’ 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.