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Graduation Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Aid

Completion Rates for Students Receiving Athletically-Related Student Aid

Entry Cohort Students who received athletically-related aid % Completed
Fall 2018 1 100%
Fall 2017 1 100%
Fall 2016 1 100%
Fall 2015 3 100%
Fall 2014 4


*Figures for ‘Completed’ refer to the number of students in the cohort who completed within 150% of normal time (6 years for the four-year BS program; 3 years for the two-year Pre-PharmD program).Per IPEDS guidelines, Pre-PharmD students are considered completers when they progress into the professional PharmD program. BS students are considered completers when a BS degree has been conferred.

Data last updated on 6/11/2022.

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