Strategic Plan

In January 2018, ACPHS began development of its next Strategic Plan which will set the direction for the College for the next five years.

The strategic planning process is being driven by input from students, faculty, and staff. Ideas are being shared and feedback is being solicited across a series of platforms including town hall forums, online surveys, intra-departmental discussions, and campus-wide expos.

The ACPHS Board of Trustees is providing oversight of the strategic planning process and will ultimately be responsible for approving the final plan.


Five "Vision Principles" have been established to help guide the development of the Plan. They are:

  • ACPHS will be a college offering preeminent degree programs in the health sciences while maintaining pharmacy at its core. These programs will feature the integration of the basic, clinical, and population health sciences.
  • ACPHS will be a small, independent college with high academic standards and will foster a physical and social environment that is student-centric.
  • ACPHS will expand research opportunities to further enrich the student experience and faculty scholarship.
  • ACPHS will educate students to be global citizens and prepare them for careers in the health professions and life sciences industries.
  • ACPHS will be a community committed to teamwork and collaboration. 

The Strategic Plan will support four core areas ("The Pillars") that will play key roles in the College’s continued growth:

  • Academic Programming - Academic programming will offer high quality educational experiences across the health sciences disciplines that prepare students for successful careers in the contemporary marketplace at graduation and beyond.
  • Student Experience - The student experience will focus on academic achievement, development of life-long relationships, support for individual needs, achievement of personal and professional potential, and preparation for a career of choice.
  • Research Enterprise - Research will provide collective activities that enrich the student experience and enhance faculty development through the generation of new knowledge.
  • Campus Master Plan - The Campus Master Plan will be a flexible roadmap for the future that reinforces community identity and is fiscally sustainable. The plan will enhance academic programming, teaching and learning, research, and the overall student experience.