Senthil Natesan, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND  
M. Tech., Bioinformatics, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India
Bachelor of Pharmacy, The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, India 

Courses Taught at ACPHS

Molecular Modeling (PSC758)
Drug Properties Prediction (PSC759)

Pharmaceutics II (PSC342)


Research interests:

Dr. Natesan’s research mainly focuses on building computational models for lead optimization in pre-clinical drug discovery. His lab utilizes advanced structure-based and ligand-based computational techniques to estimate protein-peptide, protein-ligand binding affinities. Dr. Natesan lab also specializes in building structure-activity, structure-property relationship models to predict important pharmacokinetic properties, such as lipid-bilayer partitioning, serum albumin binding and efflux through active transporters such as P-glycoprotein.

Selected Publications

Natesan, Senthil; Lukacova, Viera; Peng, Ming; Subramaniam, Rajesh; Lynch, Sandra; Wang, Zhanbin; Tandlich, Roman; Balaz, Stefan.Structure-based prediction of drug distribution across the headgroup and core strata of a phospholipid bilayer using surrogate phases. Mol. Pharmaceutics. 2014, 11(10), 3577-3595.

Poplawski, Amanda; Hu, Kaifeng; Lee, Woonghee; Natesan, Senthil; Peng, Danni; Carlson, Samuel; Neuhardt, Elizabeth; Shi, Xiaobing; Balaz, Stefan; Markley, John L.; Glass, Karen C. Novel molecular insights into the recognition of N-terminal histone modifications by the BRPF1 bromodomain. J. Mol. Biol. 2014, 426 (8), 1661-1676

Lukacova, Viera; Natesan, Senthil; Peng, Ming; Tandlich, Roman; Wang, Zhanbin; Lynch, Sandra; Subramaniam, Rajesh; Balaz, Stefan. Structural determinants of drug partitioning in surrogates of phosphatidylcholine bilayer strata. Mol. Pharmaceutics 2013, 10 (10), 3684–3696. 

Natesan, Senthil; Wang, Zhanbin; Lukacova, Viera; Peng, Ming: Subramaniam, Rajesh; Lynch, Sandra; Tandlich, Roman; Balaz, Stefan. Structural determinants of drug partitioning in n-hexadecane/water system. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2013, 53(6), 1424-1435.

Chalova, Vesela I; Hernandez-Hernandez, Oswaldo; Muthaiyan, Arunachalam; Sirsat, Sujata A; Natesan, Senthil; Sanz, Maria Luz; Moreno, F. Javier; O'Bryan, Corliss A.; Crandall, Philip G.; Ricke, Steven C. Growth and transcriptional response of Salmonella Typhimurium LT2 to glucose-lysine-based Maillard reaction products generated under low water activity conditions. Food Res. Int. 2012, 45, 1044-1053.

Natesan, Senthil and Balaz, Stefan, Rigorous incorporation of tautomers, ionization species, and different binding modes into ligand-based and receptor-based 3D-QSAR methods, Curr. Pharm. Des. 2013, 19(23), 4316-4322. 

Muthaiyan, Arunachalam; Martin, Elizebath; Natesan, Senthil; Crandall, Philip G.; Ricke, Steven C. Antimicrobial Effect and Mode of Action of Terpeneless Cold Pressed Valencia Orange Essential Oil on Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. J. Appl. Microbiol. 2012, 112, 1020-1033.

Natesan, Senthil; Subramaniam, Rajesh; Bergeron, Charles; and Balaz, Stefan: Binding affinity prediction for ligands and receptors forming tautomers and ionization species: Inhibition of mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 2 (MK2) inhibitors, J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55 (5), 2035–2047.

Natesan, Senthil; Wang, Tiansheng; Khandelwal, Akash; Lukacova, Viera; Bartus, Vladimir; Subramaniam, Rajesh; and Balaz, Stefan: cell-QSAR: Conceptual dissection of receptor binding and intracellular disposition in antifilarial activities of Selwood antimycins. J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55(8), 3699-3712.

Natesan, Senthil; Wang, Tiansheng; Khandelwal, Akash; Lukacova, Viera; Bartus, Vladimir; and Balaz, Stefan: Rigorous treatment of multi-species multi-mode ligand-receptor interactions in 3D-QSAR: CoMFA analysis of thyroxine analogs binding to transthyretin, J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2011, 51 (5), 1132-1150.

Giotis, Efstathios S; Muthaiyan, Arunachalam; Natesan, Senthil; Wilkinson, Brian J; Blair, Ian S; McDowell, David A. Transcriptome analysis of alkali shock and alkali adaptation in Listeria monocytogenes 10403S. Foodborne Pathog. Dis. 2010, 7(10), 1147-1157. 

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Vermont Campus