Leon E Cosler, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Union College

Courses Taught at ACPHS

Pharmacoeconomics & Health Outcomes
Topics in Public Health
Introduction to Epidemiology


Named 2006-07 ACPHS Professional Teacher of the Year

Research Interests

Pharmacoeconomics; Decision-analysis modeling; Large claims data bases analyses; cost-of illness and cost-effectiveness analyses specializing in oncology treatment and toxicities. Also interested in Medicaid and Medicare cost and outcomes studies.

Selected Publications

Pearson SA, Soumerai S, Mah C, et al: Racial disparities in access after regulatory surveillance of benzodiazepines. Arch Intern Med 166:572-9, 2006 

Kuderer NM, Dale DC, Crawford J, et al: Mortality, morbidity, and cost associated with febrile neutropenia in adult cancer patients. Cancer 106:2258-66, 2006 

Cosler LE, Sivasubramaniam V, Agboola O, et al: Effect of outpatient treatment of febrile neutropenia on the risk threshold for the use of CSF in patients with cancer treated with chemotherapy. Value Health 8:47-52, 2005 

Hornberger J, Cosler LE, Lyman GH: Economic analysis of targeting chemotherapy using a 21-gene RT-PCR assay in lymph-node-negative, estrogen-receptor-positive, early-stage breast cancer. Am J Manag Care 11:313-24, 2005 

Simoni-Wastila L, Ross-Degnan D, Mah C, et al: A retrospective data analysis of the impact of the New York triplicate prescription program on benzodiazepine use in medicaid patients with chronic psychiatric and neurologic disorders. Clin Ther26:322-36, 2004 

Cosler LE, Calhoun EA, Agboola O, et al: Effects of indirect and additional direct costs on the risk threshold for prophylaxis with colony-stimulating factors in patients at risk for severe neutropenia from cancer chemotherapy. Pharmacotherapy 24:488-94, 2004

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice