Jeffrey M. Voigt, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Pharmacology, University of Iowa

Courses Taught at ACPHS

Principles of Analytical Techniques

Research Interests

VDUP-1 (TBP-2) is a protein whose expression is decreased in tumors and increased following treatment with Vitamin D. VDUP-1 functions as an inhibitor of thioredoxin, which interacts with a number of transcription factors. Dr. Voigt is currently investigating the role of VDUP-1 in regulation of transcription factor activity and cell proliferation/differentiation in different cell types.

Honors and Awards

Named 2006-07 ACPHS Professional Teacher of the Year.

Selected Publications

Mandalaywala, N.V., Chang, S., Snyder, R.S., Levendusky, M.C., Voigt, J.M., and Dearborn Jr., R.E. (2008) The tumor suppressor, vitamin D3 up-regulated protein 1 (VDUP1), functions downstream of REPO during Drosophila gliogenesis. Dev. Biol. 315:489-504.

Colby, H.D., Nowak, D.M., Longhurst, P.A., Zhang, X., Hayes, J.R., and Voigt, J.M. (2001) Bufuralol metabolism by guinea pig adrenal and hepatic microsomes. Pharmacology 62:229-233.

Colby, H.D., Huang, Y., Jiang, Q., and Voigt, J.M. (2000) Bimodal expression of CYP2D16 in the guinea pig adrenal cortex. Pharmacology 61:78-82.

Yuan, B.B., Tchao, R., Voigt, J.M., and Colby, H.D. (1998) Effects of ACTH administration on functional zonation of the guinea pig adrenal cortex. Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 146:129-136.

Yang, X., Young, L.H., and Voigt, J.M. (1998) Expression of a vitamin D-inducible gene in untreated rat mammary tissue and MNU-treated mammary tissue. Breast Cancer Res. Trt. 48:33-44.

Young, L.Y., Yang, X., and Voigt, J.M. (1996) Alteration of gene expression in rat mammary tumors induced by N-methyl-N-nitrosourea. Molecular Carcinogenesis 15:251-260.

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Albany Campus