Gail Goodman Snitkoff, Ph.D.



Ph.D., SUNY Health Sciences Center, Brooklyn

Courses Taught at ACPHS

Advanced Immunology
Immunology Laboratory
Science in Literature
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Pharmacology I

Research Interests

My current research interests lie at the intersection of science and humanity. I am investigating how the language we use affects the way students think about patients. I am also interested in the role of empathy in the pharmacist-patient relationship and how empathy can be enhanced in pharmacy students.

Selected Publications

C. Domarew, R. Holt and G. Goodman Snitkoff. 2002. A Study of Russian Phytomedicine and Commonly Used Herbal Remedies. J. of Herbal Pharmacotherapy. 2:31-48.

G. Goodman Snitkoff. 2003. Professionalism, Ethics and Empathy: What Pharmacy Schools Can Learn from the Medical School Experience. International J of Pharm Ed. 1(1): http://www.Samford.Edu/schools/pharmacy/ijpe/103.htm#ethics

G. Goodman Snitkoff and L.S. Snitkoff. 2006. Use of Enriched Case Studies to Enhance Empathy in Pharmacy Students. Manuscript in Press. J Pharmacy Teaching

G. Goodman Snitkoff and M. Arieux. 2006. Perspectives on Illness from the Chart and from the Patient. Manuscript in preparation.

G. Goodman Snitkoff and M. Arieux. 2006. Examining the Effect of Case Study Language and Style on the Empathetic Response of Students to Patients: What It Means for Teaching. Manuscript in preparation


The Epidemiology Quiz System, Version 1 - Computer Program, filed February 23, 1998. Snitkoff, G., Smith, M. and Moon, DG Authors.

Interim Chair
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Albany Campus