School Of Arts and Sciences

Dean, David ClarkE, Ph.D.

The School of Arts and Sciences provides a strong liberal arts education that emphasizes the development of the skills and abilities necessary for the personal growth and professional development of the College's students. 

By offering courses in the basic, social and clinical sciences as well as the humanities, the School promotes a thorough understanding of science and the cultural diversity of the world in which we live.

In addition to providing the foundational educational experience for all ACPHS students, the School is committed to offering interdisciplinary programs, concentrations and minors for students whose interests are consistent with the expertise of the faculty.

While varied in discipline, the School’s research projects are designed to contribute to the faculty’s respective field(s), enrich the educational experience of students at the College and be externally disseminated in a way that enhances the reputation of the investigator and the College.

The School of Arts and Sciences is composed of the following departments: 

The School of Arts and Sciences offers the following undergraduate programs:

The School of Arts and Sciences offers the following graduate degree programs: