Office Of The Provost




Tarun B. Patel
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Provost's Executive Committee

Provost's Honors Circle

The Provost's Honors Circle is a three-year interdisciplinary experience for honors students in the College's bachelor of science (B.S.) programs.

The goal of the program is to provide enrichment opportunities to high-achieving B.S. students who are intellectually curious, well-rounded, engaged with their community, globally-conscious, and exhibit leadership potential.

Students interested in the Program must fill out an application and interview with members of the Honors Circle Committee. Honors Circle students, who are accepted at the end of their first (freshmen) years, must maintain a class ranking in the top 10% for their remaining three years at the College to remain eligible for the Program.

Once selected, students meet with faculty mentors in the fall semester of their sophomore years to develop a health care related theme that will guide their collective work over the next three years (e.g., vaccines in developing countries). Depending on the project, there may be opportunities for domestic and international travel.

Honors students are required to share their experiences, talent, and learning with peers through a colloquium, annual newsletters or blogs, classroom presentations, and volunteer efforts.

Provost's Technology Awards

The Provost Technology Awards align with the College’s strategic goals by supporting the greater use of online teaching and learning for distance education.

The program encourages instructors who are new to asynchronous or synchronous online learning to develop a hybrid course. 

For the purposes of the award, this will require converting at least two weeks of face-to-face teaching to an online mode (synchronous or asynchronous) while conducting the rest of the course using the traditional approach. Or, a course with an asynchronous online component could be partly converted to a synchronous approach. 

The aim is to develop expertise and experience in the different modalities, thereby enabling more instructors to use a hybrid approach.