Joint Degree Programs

One of the many advantages of being based in the Capital District of Albany is the abundance of top quality colleges and universities in the area - several of which are within walking distance of ACPHS.

ACPHS has forged agreements with a number of these institutions to offer joint degree programs where students take coursework at both schools and graduate with two complimentary degrees.

The College also offers its own joint B.S./M.S. programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Technology/Cytechnology and Molecular Cytology.

Best of all, in each case the student is able to complete both programs in less time (and at less cost) than it would take to pursue them individually.

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive for all careers, having two degrees could be the difference in helping you land your first job, shortening the time to a Ph.D. or other advanced degree, or getting that coveted promotion.

If you've ever thought about some day getting a graduate degree, why delay it? Now is the time.