B.S. in Health & Human Sciences

The B.S. in Health and Human Sciences (HHS) will enroll its final class of new students in fall 2016. All students enrolled in the HHS program as of fall 2016 will be able to continue in the program through their graduation. Current HHS students may also transfer into the B.S. in Public Health, but are encouraged to first discuss that process with the Public Health Program Director before making a decision.

Promoting global and public health today requires individuals to not only be knowledgeable of the biological and physical aspects of health, but also the roles played by social and cultural forces.

The Bachelor's in Health and Human Sciences (BSHHS) program helps students strike this balance by the blending of science courses with liberal arts courses in a way that yields a strong understanding of the human condition with an emphasis on public health. 

The program combines coursework in the natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry), humanities (art, history, philosophy) and social sciences (sociology, political science, economics) in a way that is ideal for students interested in careers in health, but who do not necessarily want to be health care practitioners.


The BSHHS curriculum has been designed so that graduates of the program will be able to, among other things:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic biological and physical principles relevant to health and illness
  • Identify cultural, social, psychological, and economic dimensions of health and illness
  • Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences, both written and orally
  • Have a solid understanding of contemporary global health issues
  • Design and implement health promotion and disease prevention strategies

Career Pathways

Graduates of the Health and Human Sciences program will be prepared to enter the workforce in a variety of health-related fields or pursue advanced studies in graduate or professional school.

Careers may include: science and health writers; policy analysts; and researchers for government, consumer groups, and institutes.

The program is also an excellent preparation for graduate programs in law, medicine, global and public health, health administration, sociology, communication, and other related fields.